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The Start of Serpent Spirit

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Home Page, The beginning | 0 comments

As a child, I would have incredibly vivid and often, lucid dreams. Dark and frightening, I couldn’t get away from them.

It began to affect my reality, as the sun went down my anxiousness would increase. I didn’t want to fall asleep. I couldn’t fall asleep. Limitless amount of caffeine could never match the rush full of fear I felt every single night as the darkness crept in.

Dreams match your consciousness and reality. Little did my young self know the signs and warnings I was receiving at this time.

Falling deeper and deeper into my sleep, in the shadows of my lucid dreams serpents would appear. I would dream of serpents so often that I began to develop an obsessive fear toward them.

I was so paranoid that a snake could be hidden somewhere in my space that I would inspect my room every night before falling asleep. Regardless of what serpents truly represent, various cultures and religions portray them as vindictive and evil.

They never harmed me in my dreams, but I witnessed their bodies slithering around,  their scales and dark features appearing so vividly. I remember waking up drenched in my sweat from these dreams and throwing my blankets away from me so aggressively. My heart would beat so rapidly, and my eyes filled with only fear and tears.

Little did I know that there was nothing to fear. It was time for growth and transformation. It was only the beginning of my journey and the guidance that awaited me.

Flash forward to present time, I now have engraved onto my skin with black ink, a snake on my right side as a symbol for what it is that I came here to do.

Serpents shed their skin when it outgrows it. Reminding us to discard all of which no longer serves us and to move towards the path of rebirth.

Allow Serpent Spirit to guide you towards your path of transformation and healing.

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